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How much money do I get for the wedding? Give me the number!


Everybody’s been to a wedding for once. Almost everyone gave money to young people. And I was thinking, how normal is that? We tell you how much money to give for the wedding, when it is appropriate to do so and how to present a gift with a fire.

Should I give money for the wedding?

It is appropriate to give an envelope in most cases, especially if:

  • You don’t know what to present, and the bride and groom didn’t indicate their preferences.
  • The young people have asked for gifts that are too expensive, each worth more than you are willing to spend. In this case, it is appropriate to give a part of the amount in money.
  • You know, the fiancée and the bride are saving up for a big purchase (apartment, car, etc.)
  • You see, the future young family has financial difficulties.


How much money to give for the wedding

The amount of the gift depends on many factors, but above all on your abilities. Even if everyone gives 10 thousand rubles per person, and you can afford only 5, do not switch to buckwheat to the salary and give as much money as you think comfortable. In addition, consider the proximity of the couple to you: good friends and family should be given more, and friends and colleagues with whom you do not communicate closely – less. The number also depends on the city, for example, in Moscow and Penza the recommended gift size will be different. Someone thinks that the more luxurious the wedding is, the more guests are obliged to give, but it is wrong. The amount that young people spend on the celebration is their choice, you do not have to “reimburse” the cost of it.

We conducted a survey at Instagram and asked the subscribers how much money to give for the wedding. The majority of respondents consider the amount of 5000 rubles per person to be normal (10 000 per couple). Some people named the figure of 10,000 rubles, and the last place was taken by a gift equal to 3,000 rubles.

If you realize that you can’t even give away 3,000, don’t worry and give as much as is acceptable to you, most people will understand. Although we know exceptions, when couples not only called the desired amount of money per guest, but also openly said that if the envelope is smaller, you can not come to the celebration. That’s not polite anymore. Think about whether you need a party like this.


How is it unusual to give money for a wedding

Not everyone just wants to give away the envelope, someone is wondering not only how much money to give for the wedding, but also how to do it in an original way. Sharing ideas:

  • boxes and suitcases of money
  • Thematic banks (for vacation, at home), when you create a toy microcosm in the bank, reflecting what you are giving such a gift
  • Pictures and photo frames with money (from the idea of “breaking glass if necessary” to the map of the world with the carved continents behind which the cherished papers are visible)
  • balloon notes
  • umbrellas with notes tied to them
  • money light bulb

Wedding Style




How to sign an envelope with money for a wedding

Even if you give money in an envelope, don’t give me an empty one, but come up with a nice inscription. We have examples:

  1. A little gift for a happy future! Let your house always be warm and cozy!
  2. The alphabet of numbers is short, but it’s so nice! A new family, a lot of zeros after any number.
  3. To mushrooms it rains mushroom rain, to money it rains money. We wish you daily rainfall!
  4. We’ll give you an envelope of banknotes for your diapers from Sotstge. And a little bit more to the Versace rattlestrap!
  5. Eternal love, eternal warmth and evergreen growth!
  6. There’s something in this envelope that can’t be broken, broken, spoiled! For good, for good, for good, for good luck! From the bottom of my heart!
  7. Bank tickets are special honeymoon passes. I wish you an eternal counterattack for all occasions.

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Interesting congratulations on the wedding with the money

Handing over the money personally, you shouldn’t do it silently and seriously. Say the words that will be remembered by the bride and groom:

  • On the day of the wedding we would like to wish your young family tree to have many branches on the letter D: children, house, money, cottage, good deed. And if there was a branch of Duty, let it be just a debt of sons and parents.
  • Everyone’s happy on the day of the wedding! May this joy last all your long journey of life. Let me always have signs on this road – happiness, good work, good thoughts, loyal friends!
  • Dear Ira and Dima! Money’s a gift, saying that’s not the point. And the most important thing is the daily bread! It’s love, childish laughter, mood. I wish that the main thing is always accompanied by “untidy”, to spread it on the bread. And we’re giving you a little bit of “untidy.”
  • Dear Lena and Pasha! You’ve boarded the family ship! I wish you seven pounds under the keel and good luck in the wind! Let the captain of the ship hold the helm firmly, and the waterline will always be at a reliable level.
  • Dear Varvara and Anton! This day your family is the youngest of all families. May your love never age. The eternal youth of a relationship is the luckiest thing in life.
  • Dear Katya and Serezha! Let’s have a family umbrella for two to hide the house from the bad weather. But a downpour of success, good luck and money, without any umbrellas or raincoats.

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