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Wedding cheese – what kind of cheese to choose and where to buy?


No one can be surprised by the cake tables, so there are other ideas. The latest innovation is the cheese table. It will be the center of attraction for guests during the gathering, while they think about what to do and what to eat. There are hundreds of articles on the web with ideas for making such a table, but no information on how to make it. We decided to tell in detail what kind of cheese to choose for the wedding, what kind of cheese to impress the guests and where to buy them to be tasty and not too expensive.

Hard cheese

Cheeses are divided into hard, soft and moldy cheeses. For weddings, it is better to take harder varieties or some moldy species, they keep their trade appearance on the plate longer, don’t get their hands dirty and tolerate the heat more worthily.

  • Emmental. The same photogenic cheese with big holes that mice prefer in cartoons. This Swiss cheese has a delicate fruity floral flavor and sweet taste.
  • Parmesan. The crunchy extra hard cheese that guests love so much. In the past, parmesan was sold in stores by dozens of European manufacturers, but now our farmers have learned how to make it. Put grapes, pears, walnuts and confitures on a cheese plate next to the parmesan.
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    Cheese Sommelier

  • Gruyere. Cheese for a wedding that a lot of people don’t think about, but for nothing. Usually this variety is used for fondue because it melts well, but it will not be lost on a plate in the company of other cheeses. It tastes sweet, with a little bit of nut.
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    Cheese Sommelier

Cheese and mold

Choose a cheese that’s not too soft and has noble blue mold. The more blue veins he has, the more tart he’ll be. Take Dorblue and Gorgonzola, they have creamy taste and spicy aftertaste, and the pieces keep their shape on a plate without spilling. Get grapes and flower honey to these varieties.

Cheeses with white mold often get dirty, so we suggest to enjoy them during the honeymoon, but not on the holiday.

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Soft cheeses

Yummy, stretchy and often flowing, soft cheeses are best left for another day. If you really want to, take a camembert or brie, but let the waiters put them on a plate in small portions. A camembert lying in the heat is a pathetic sight. Most of the other soft cheeseses are spread on a plate and often smell specific, they are not suitable for the celebration. We also do not recommend serving goat’s cheese (soft or hard), they are not for everyone.

Wedding cheese – what kind of cheese to surprise?

If you want something out of the ordinary, take a look at the experimental cheeses. Not all cities have them, but if you find them, take a couple of pieces:

  • Cheese and truffle slices. Dear, but also delicious, especially if you love this delicacy.
  • Cheese with other additives. There’s nothing here but the ingredients depend on the fantasy of the cheese maker. Pleasant to taste additives: fenugreek, pistachios, Italian herbs and lavender.
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  • Cheese in wine. It is aged in wine for several months, getting a fragrant crust and a pronounced flavor of the drink. Take this cheese to the wedding, the guests will love it.
  • Cheese candy. Yeah, that’s what happens, too! Although they are called candy, they are first of all cheese mixed with sweetish fillers. It tastes strange, about half the people who tried it like it.
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    Cheese Sommelier

Where to buy cheese?

It’s easier and more affordable to buy at a supermarket, but you won’t find most of the cheeses there. In addition, factory cheese tastes very different from farm cheeses, often not in the best way. We recommend to take cheese directly from cheese producers, there are hundreds of them all over Russia. We like it:

Oleg Sirota’s Russian Parmesan cheese factory specializes in solid and semi-solid grades. Especially good are the Governor’s, Istrinsky and Festival ones. Cheese is sold in own stores in Moscow and the region.

Aldini’s Italian dairy makes an incredible blue mold cheese. If you love it and buy it in a supermarket, try what Aldini does – you won’t go to a regular store anymore, the difference is so obvious. Start with Gorgonzola Dolce. The cheese factory is located in Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of Moscow region, but sells its products in Moscow.

The Mammoth cheese factory makes good cheeses with fenugreek, pistachio and other additives. Located in the Moscow region, but makes deliveries to shops across the country.

Italian tradition has a delicious cacotta with truffles and other additives. The cheese factory is located in Moscow, but also has its own online shop.

Delicacies are also bought in online cheese shops, where a wide range of varieties are available, including from the farmers mentioned above. Some sites have delivery all over Russia (e.g. Cheese Sommelier).

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Café Malongo

Cheese table rules

  1. To make sure that your idea is implemented properly, make sure that the cheese table is located in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or lights.
  2. Do not mix cheeses, spread hard, soft, moldy and additive cheeseses separately. Place especially smelly or flowing cheeses on separate plates.
  3. Let the soft cheeseses be spread out in portions, pulling them out of the fridge right away.
  4. Serve fruit (grapes, pears, melon), confitures, nuts and honey to the cheese. Be careful with honey and nuts by removing them if any of the guests are allergic.
  5. Take care of the serving as well: place the cheese on wooden planks, place the plates for the guests and the appliances so that they take the cheese without touching it with their hands.
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