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All about the wedding in Spain



What is Spain? The sun all year round, gentle warm sea, mouth-watering cuisine and Gaudi’s amazing architecture. What is a wedding in Spain? Everything’s the same, just accompanied by the celebration of your dreams. We tell the secrets of the organization of celebrations in this country, and help us those who know everything about weddings here – the agency Feliz Wedding.

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The pros and cons of a wedding in Spain

The sea, sun, beach, delicious food and the beauty of nature – the main advantages of the country, which will make the holiday stunning. The locals are friendly and hospitable and they will help to create a warm atmosphere during your stay here. Spain is also a great place to spend a honeymoon after the celebration, and each couple will choose a fascinating activity. Those looking for a new experience will be pleased with dozens of attractions on the islands and in major cities, and fans of lying on the beach will be pleased.

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The only imperfection of the wedding in Spain is the need for a Schengen visa, not only for you, but also for guests.

The best places to get married

If you’ve gone to a warm country to celebrate a family reunion, make sure the weather doesn’t let you down. You can be sure of this only in the Canary Islands, where the season lasts all 12 months, and the average temperature is kept at 25 degrees Celsius. Only here there is no autumn and winter in our usual understanding, and the rains are only a few times a year.

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Choose the islands of Tenerife or Gran Canaria, where the climate is most pleasant, the nature is most beautiful and the service is of the highest quality. Tenerife is the largest island in the world, with a wide range of holiday destinations. Wedding on the oceanfront, in an old Spanish mansion, in a picturesque manor house or even at the foot of a real volcano. We like this place the most, it’s an unusual place to get married. Imagine, in the morning you will climb high in the mountains to the volcano, play snowball there, and in the afternoon sunbathe on the beach and bathe in the gentle sea. This scenario is possible even in December, because the winter in Tenerife is as warm as we do not always have summer.

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The island of Gran Canaria is smaller, but it’s also picturesque. It’s a good place to celebrate on the beach or a private villa.

Spanish wedding traditions

They don’t come to another country with their samovar, so take a look at the local customs and traditions that will make your wedding in Spain colorful and authentic:

  • The kitchen here is amazing! Paella with seafood, various tapas, Catalan eggplants – choose local dishes, don’t be mistaken! For dessert, serve Catalan Cream melting in your mouth or Santiago almond cake. Don’t forget the drinks, it’s sangria, kava and kalimocho.
  • Invite flamenco dancers, they’ll give an exciting performance to traditional music.
  • For a wedding in Spain, the bride wears something blue, something rented and something vintage. We offer you to follow this European tradition, and even the very search for a solution to the riddle will be fascinating.
  • The groom in this country will definitely appear in a tie so that at the end of the day the tie is cut into pieces, which will be distributed or sold to guests.

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Spanish wedding law

Only citizens of the European Union legally residing and registered here can get married in Spain. Official registration is also available for mixed marriages where one of the youngest citizens of the country is a citizen.

Russian couples usually come here to arrange a solemn part of the wedding and celebrate the creation of a family, and sign officially before the trip, in Russia.

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How to organize a celebration

For fiancés and brides who arrange a wedding in their home country, we always advise the organizer or at least the coordinator to facilitate the preparation. If you organize a holiday in another country, the organizer, in our opinion, is required – he will advise the best site, select honest contractors at fair prices and help to solve the arising difficulties.

Wedding in Spain is no exception, so start by choosing an experienced local agency. Feliz Wedding, who helped to prepare this article, is able to organize weddings of any size, from an intimate ceremony for two to large events for several hundred guests. Guys and girls will help with the organization of everything related to the celebration – from the choice of the best florist to transfer, accommodation and entertainment for the entire period of their stay in Spain.

Any questions or would you like to discuss your wedding? Write to Feliz Wedding: Instagram / Website


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