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Wedding 2020 – new ideas


You can spend weeks looking for something that will surprise your guests, or you can read this article. We’ve gathered ideas for the 2020 wedding, which few people have used yet, so hurry up!

1. Arrange a cozy chamber wedding, inviting only those you want to see. Let the guests gather a little, but they will be your loved ones.

2. Before climbing into the Pinterest, browse through the books you’ve read in search of ideas. Investigate for missing Agatha Christie’s bride’s shoes, create a magical garden from the novel “Night Circus” or Shaherazade’s tent from 1001 nights.

3. Be one of the first to say vows to each other in the light of stars and candlelight! When organizing such a wedding, there are subtleties that you need to know about – talk about them in an article about the evening ceremony.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 2

Christie Gibson

Wedding registration

4. Surprise your guests with installations of hundreds of flowers or other materials suitable for the theme of the festival. Minus one is a high price.

5. Create the feeling of a fairytale garden, even if it happens indoors. Let the flowers decorate the walls, tables, chairs and chairs and break out of the most unexpected places.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 3

Lauren Fair

6. Since we’re talking about a fairy tale, consider the idea of fantastic ceilings. Raising your head up, you don’t see what you’re expecting! Decorators already embody this trend in floristics, but we offer you to look wider: painted pages, paper cranes, umbrellas!

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 4

Bethan Gray/Pinterest

7. Two years ago, Boho’s brides had carpets under their feet, making them supermodern. Wedding 2020 will rehabilitate … wallpaper! Have you ever thought about gluing wallpaper in the registration area?

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 5

Mon Soleil

8. That’s the kind of thing we haven’t seen in this country before! Look for materials that create a rainbow effect in the light and decorate the main celebration areas with them.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 6

Alexandria Monette Photography

9. We used to encourage you to use textures in your wedding decorations, and now to mix as many different textures as possible. Cotton tablecloths, linen napkins and transparent chiffon tapes. Wooden tables, ceramic plates and glasses made of frosted glass. Don’t be afraid to combine the disparate, the rules were invented by people, and they have the same rules to break.

10. Think of a wedding dish made especially for you, or even one that looks like a fairies eaten from. The embodiment of such an idea is not cheap, so it is reasonable to do it at a chamber wedding, when the guests are not more than 15.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 7

Bethan Gray

11. There are so many fresh flowers in the decoration that your wedding can benefit from dry decoration. They look elegant, but unusual, because not everyone has seen such a solution.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 8

Sara K Byrne

12. Disney released a new film based on his favorite cartoon – “Aladdin”. Look for inspiration to decorate it, its magic and the colours of the East. Someone’s already found it:

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 9

Autumn Nomad

Bridesmaids and girlfriends

13. Every girl dreams of becoming a bride with a wedding ring with a transparent stone… Wait, are there only transparent ones? Why don’t you give your fiancé a hint that you like colored stones?

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 10

Ludovica & Valerio

14. Marrying Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie wore a dress decorated with her children’s drawings. The trend did not take hold, in many ways, because the brides were not ready for it, but largely because Jolie was a little too much with the number of decorations. Now we call to take an example from her and decorate the dress with embroidered words or trifles, important only for you.

15. Play not only with the textures of tablecloths and napkins, but also with your own outfit: reaped fabric, feathers and even the effect of wrinkling.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 11

Oscar de la Renta

16. Consider overalls or trousers if you don’t want to mess with skirts, loops and corsettes. Especially since finding an inexpensive wedding overalls is not a problem, we found thirty.

17. Choose an outfit decorated with sequins, brooches or patterns, they filled the podiums at the 2020 Wedding Dress Show.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 12

Lela Rose

18. Synonym for weddings 2020 is new, so you can boldly glitter your face. Some stars and bloggers have already started doing this, but we haven’t noticed the brides yet.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 13


19. Flowers only in a bouquet and a haircut? Boring! Wear them everywhere:

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 14

Elizabeth Messina

20. In recent years, the bride has ordered so many brightly colored bouquets that to surprise the sophisticated guests can now be an alternative in the form of monochrome. Stick to the same color scheme, it looks elegant and fresh.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 15

Xavier Nicolle Flowers

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 16

The White Horse Flower Company

21. If you are ready to experiment, look for what looks like a wedding bouquet and decorate it with flowers: baskets, mini-hoops or even lanterns.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 17

Addison Jones Photography

The image of the groom

22. Offering to decorate the bride’s dress with something personal, we have not forgotten about the groom’s suit. The easiest way to experiment with jacket lining is to use your vows or photos.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 18

Kate Headley

23. We foresee the popularity of the new film Tarantino “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and give the groom the idea of a colored leather jacket. Be the first:

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 19

Once in Hollywood

Wedding cake

24. A couple of years ago, we were looking at cakes that looked like watercolors. The appearance of cakes resembling oil painting was a matter of time. Take a look at this idea for the 2020 wedding, it looks fabulous.

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 20

Buttercream Bakery

свадьба 2020 новые идеи 21

Buttercream Bakery

25. Who says there should be one cake at the wedding? Maybe somebody doesn’t like fruit stuffing, but goes crazy about chocolate or doesn’t mind trying something unusual. Why not make some small cakes with different tastes?

26. Think of an ice cream cake for your wedding in the summer!


27. If you have time and desire, don’t give everyone the same gifts. No one has ever set a rule that everyone gets the same box of candy as the other. Perhaps someone will enjoy the small head of farm cheese, and someone will enjoy the new book.

28. Calculate the amount for gifts to the guests and transfer it to the account of the charitable organization you like.

29. Instead of inviting each guest to write a handwritten letter telling you and your fiancé a love story and how happy you will be to see the person at the wedding.

30. After the celebration, ask the calligrapher to write your wedding vows in a large format and decorate the wall of the room with them.

We hope that you will be able to use your ideas for the wedding of 2020 and you will dare to implement them at your celebration!



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