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Oh, my gosh! 13 unexpected wedding tips


Have you read so much about weddings that it seems that you can become the organizer yourself? Let’s bet you don’t know everything else Let’s do it for money, shall we?) In general, get ready to be surprised: you didn’t know such unexpected livehachs in preparation for the wedding yet!

1. Get confirmation from the guests that they’ll be at the wedding

Knowing the exact list of guests, you will not spend money from the wedding budget on extra gifts of guests, printing (seating cards, menus, thank you cards, seating plan of guests), banquet and buffet menus and alcohol based on the number of persons

Also, knowing which of the guests will be at the wedding, you will adjust the number of armored cars for hire, hotel rooms for guests, furniture (chairs) for the departure symbolic ceremony, decor for guest tables, and compare the “expectation” and “reality”: on the day of the wedding you will not be surprised by the absence of a dozen guests.

2. Don’t you dare to organize a buffet or a ceremony in the countryside

You think having a buffet is like deciding what manicure to do? Sit down, two!

You didn’t know, but to organize a buffet, wedding or a traveling symbolic ceremony outside the banquet hall (or near it) – it’s difficult, read it unrealistic! You will have to obtain permission to hold the event at the selected site (e.g., if it is a park zone, protected area or public place). If the place for a buffet is far enough away from the city, you will have to think over the transfer for the guests, to organize the equipment – to bring it, connect it, set up, take care of the generator. And also bring furniture and decor, think of a plan “B” in case of rain – an awning, a tent, a room where you can move in case of what. Ideally, the chips for guests should be prepared, such as slippers, raincoats, plaids, umbrellas..

Well, can you handle it yourself?)

3. Cheaper to choose one ideal site

This advice seems illogical only at first glance. Ideal restaurant with a beautiful outdoor area for the ceremony, wow interior and the right location … Everything is cool, but at a price higher than you planned! Know that in order to transform a restaurant into a wedding style, you’ll have to invest more in it! And also rent beautiful chairs and a table (at least the presidium). And also to spend money on moving around the city: after all, there is no place for the ceremony in the restaurant more budget, you will have to rent another place! And the fireworks need more territory..

As a result, there are no significant savings, and the preparation time is twice as long. That’s why one site that fits all your wedding criteria perfectly and where you can spend the whole day of your wedding: from the ceremony to the evening salute is the best way to reduce your budget.

4. Don’t save on technical equipment for weddings

You care about a beautiful picture now, but you don’t know that quality is beauty! Chic décor, cake, top anchor, fashionable cover band performance at the wedding – all this will fade if the microphone makes terrible sounds, the music will be distorted, the speakers will not transmit the drive that the artists radiate, and there will be little light to show all the beauty of the decor! All this will definitely ruin the overall impression of the holiday. Couples spend money on the wedding, but don’t think about the right technical equipment, and it turns out that the money is thrown away by the wind. And here’s what you can really save money on – read the tips in the online wedding calculator

5. Ask the banquet manager not to open all the bottles at once

Intrigued? Here’s the thing: the moment that is worth talking about and even stamping in the agreement with the restaurant – the order of corking bottles. As funny as it may seem, the line that drinks should be opened as needed, not all at once, should be. Moreover, the coordinator must make sure that this condition is met. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take away the remains that almost always happen. And there’s a second wedding day ahead! : )

6. Don’t take flowers from guests

Suddenly? But that’s a fact. They could get the outfit dirty. Drops of water from the stems of flowers, pollen, which can get on her clothes and give her yellow spots, green divorces from water swollen leaves or twigs – these errors will not only spoil the clothes, but also lower the mood at the mark of zero, because not everything can be wiped with wet wipes, which, incidentally, must be in the purse of the bride. Find out what else to bring with you on your wedding day.

How to get out: it is worth to appoint a responsible person, who will take away the flowers from the newlyweds during the greetings!

7. Make up the timing of the day from the end

This may seem illogical, but the timing of the day should be done in reverse order, from the ceremony (civil register office) to the time of the bride’s rise. For example, if the registration starts at 15:00, then schedule the gathering of guests at 14:30, photo shoot – at 13:00, respectively, by 12:30 the bride must finish with the training camp. This way you can calculate the time of the climb to avoid unnecessary fuss, haste, stress and not to be late for the ceremony or in the registry office. And a tip: Don’t plan all the time in the minute. That’s not how it works! Believe me.

8. Check the restaurant for the most unobvious things

Does it seem like the restaurant doesn’t have an outlet working? Believe me, darling, it happens! The evaluation of the banquet hall is a very ambiguous moment. Let’s start with the fact that you and your fiancé will not be able to assess its level until you check everything yourself, up to each outlet. And the end result is that on X day, you can just announce that the equipment has broken down, a new one had to be ordered from subcontractors and so you need to pay extra. Of course, this will happen only to those who will not add a clause about the technique to the contract with the institution with an exact indication of the number of sound speakers, air conditioners and even sockets for musical instruments, for example.

9. Don’t buy the dress too soon

If you’re going to get married for a year or two, you don’t have to rush into buying it! During this time, fashion for styles, colors, details of dresses will change. But that’s not the worst part! A year is a long enough period for you to lose weight or get better, which is very common with brides because of pre-wedding stress. And another undoubted disadvantage is that for such a long period of time you risk to “squeeze”, measure, take pictures, and it just ceases to seem like a wedding. Take the test and find out what outfit is right for you and where to find it.

10. Be honest with the decorator (and not only!)

The fantasy of a decorator is endless. It can only be stopped by a fair and real figure in rubles, which you are willing to spend on the design.

The guests will remember the general picture of the wedding, not the pleasant little things, the third hotter, the eighth kind of dessert… It’s worth investing in this beautiful picture and saving on trifles: on presentations for guests, additional printing, on a rental car… In general, a good decorator competently scatters your money on all items of the wedding budget, highlighting the main and secondary tasks. The main thing: tell the designer honestly how much money you are ready to allocate for decorating. Don’t be shy, like Ivan Dorn sang! : ) Everybody’s budget is different, and that’s okay!

11. Don’t choose a bouquet with a strong aroma

At best it will smell your perfume, at worst it will cause dizziness from a sharp smell or provoke allergies: you, one of the contractors or guests. Read a story about how the bride caught an allergic itch and the photographer had stains. Spoiler: It’s the bouquet of the bride!

12. Use professional cosmetics and waterproof ink

Wedding is an active event full of hugs, congratulations and passionate kisses with the groom and a little bit of guests. There will be tears (of course, of joy and happiness!), and it would be good if these tears did not spoil your makeup. Use waterproof ink or do an eyelash extension

As for cosmetics, you’ll be under the scope of the lenses for at least six hours. So you need to be at the parade for at least six hours, too. Your usual cosmetics will not cope with the responsibility, which will cope with professional make-up artist’s cosmetics. Only from the latter there will be no greasy shine, which looks terrible on the photo, the tone will not be blurred, lips will not “move together”, and shadows on the eyelids will not turn into dirty gray divorces.

13. It’s more expensive to prepare your own wedding than it is with the organizer

Brides and wedding-organizers have long counted and found out that the wedding itself (we are talking about a full celebration, not a mini-holiday, such as “signed and walked with a photographer”) – not easier, not cheaper, not faster!

The cost of the organizer’s services is an economy, not a waste of money. The organizer has connections with contractors and agreements on discounts for newlyweds – this is one time. The organizer has experience and dozens of bumps, he knows what to buy, and on what you can really save and save your money – these are two. The organizer spends his time and nerves preparing your wedding, depriving you of the opportunity to make a mistake, including a financial one – that’s three.

Jana Rigina, Grand Premier Wedding Agency (St. Petersburg)


Every year hundreds of new agencies open up that do not understand that the organizer is a profession to learn. And often, newlyweds, in an attempt to save budget, instead of experienced companies, turn to novice coordinators, who may miss many organizational points and increase the budget. The spoiled wedding can no longer be beaten: save your nerves and money, contact the professionals

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