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Will heal before the wedding: checklist of beauty treatments for the bride


Never will the process of your own beautification be more thorough than it was before your own wedding. Peeling, manicure, facial cleansing… Oh, don’t forget about the tan and waxing – so many pleasant procedures! But even they can turn you into a monster at a party if you don’t make them at the right time. How long before you get married, how long before you do some beauty sessions?

In 20 days, going to the tanning salon

Beautiful tan is dosed in several sessions,
so as not to dry out the skin. And don’t overdo it: you need a beautiful golden
tint of skin, not an orange color of the road cone, remember the movie
“Bride War”?

By the way, if you haven’t seen this hilarious picture,

The mood at once +100500!

For 17 days
, a go-to facial cleansing

Trust the beautician to fight skin imperfections. In his golden hands, small wrinkles, pimples and inflammation, black dots and irregularities will smooth out, clean up and wash away! You’ll have a smooth and fresh skin with a pre-wedding glow. But don’t forget the rehabilitation period after cleansing: total skin repair takes 10 days or more

Tip: Choose a combined facial cleansing to make sure!

In 15 days
: peeling + wraps

Face skin, okay! But you haven’t forgotten about the body skin? We hope not! For her butification go to the peeling and anti-cellulite (come on, here’s all your own, you can confess to its presence!) wraps. The latter are better to do chocolate: you will also undergo a course of aromatherapy, or with algae: it’s as if you’ve been to the sea.

Tip: If you plan to sunbathe in a tanning salon, first ask your cosmetologist which peels and wraps will not affect the color and safety of your tanning

For 14 days
: tooth whitening

On your wedding day, you’re almost legally obliged to smile and be happy. Two, you and your fiancé, and trust the masters to have a beautiful and snow-white smile. Laser or photo whitening can be done 2 weeks before the holiday. These are the most proven professional ways to give a smile to a white smile and make it a couple of tones lighter. In one session!

Why in two weeks? After the procedure, the sensitivity of the teeth will increase. And there may also be some pain, and therefore painkillers for a couple of days. Why are you doing all this during the wedding? And secondly, after bleaching it is strongly recommended (read prohibition) to drink and eat dyeing drinks and food. That is, wine, coffee, grapes, cherries and so on – are moved aside for 10 days. But on the day of the wedding, you’re not gonna go through the colored, colorful food! Quality and safe whitening is not cheap, but to keep your expenses in check and understand what procedures you can afford and what procedures will knock you out of the budget, use the online cost calculator from prosvadbu.ru!

10-7 days: dyeing + haircut + hair restoration

It’s time to get your hair done! No, we’re not talking about the depilation, we’re talking about it later. : ) Dull, dead and dry hair, no wedding hairstyle is gonna play! To be like a picture, it is necessary to conduct the necessary minimum before the day of X: cut the split ends, refresh the color (if you are dyeing) and hold several recovery sessions.

Time to experiment! The week before the wedding is not the best time to paint from a burning brunette to a platinum blonde. It had to be done a couple of months before the celebration to bring the color to the right place, without burning them to hell! Otherwise, you run the risk of facing your fiancé on the day of your wedding with green or red hair. Everybody has pigment in different ways : )

Tip: I use the pre-wedding products, creams, shampoos, etc. that I have already tried and whose results you are sure of. It’s better not to test the novelties right now

In 7-5 days: Depilation

Let’s move on to other hairs – undesirable! Sugar or wax depilation is your choice. Don’t worry about the smoothness: Enough for the wedding and the honeymoon! The effect of removing unwanted hair will last 3-4 weeks

Tip: If your skin is prone to irritation, warn your hair removal specialist. He will recommend a cream that contains soothing ingredients for the skin

In 4 days: eyelash extension

Let’s face it, you’re gonna cry at the wedding! Of course, from happiness, from love and sincere emotions, from the views of parents who will say, “Our girl has already grown up!” and congratulations to guests … To every minute not to take out a mirror and napkins to erase the leaking ink, it is better to make eyelash extensions. It’s convenient, beautiful, spectacular! Convenient, because you don’t have to spend even more time on eye make-up on the day of the wedding, because the ink won’t flow, because you can not care about eye make-up for 2-3 weeks! Beautiful and spectacular, because not all girls have thick eyelashes, making the look expressive and deep, languid and sexy!

Tip: Don’t forget to bring an eyelash brush in your purse on your wedding day. You’ll get it from a master builder! : ) By the way, what else do you have to throw in a cosmetic bag on your wedding day?

In 3 days
: Eyebrow correction

Eyebrows are the frame of our eyes. And nowadays, they are an independent unit of makeup, not a supplement. At least remember Kara Delevin! Make-up artists pay a lot of attention to them. Pay attention to them and you. Before your wedding, get in shape and get rid of fuzzy lines and extra hairs. But not yourself: trust a professional. Eyebrow correction technique is a lot, a specialist will help you choose the one you need. Read what the star stylist says about the macapa!

3-2 days: manicure + pedicure

You will regret that you did not take care of professional manicure, when during the exchange of rings photographer, registrar, and, most importantly, the groom, will aim to look at your hands and nails! And during the evening you raise a glass and hug the guests. Anyway, you knew you had to do a manicure! Find interesting variants of manicure and pedicure in advance (do not forget about legs) in the Internet and with them go to the master!

For 2-1 days: Relaxing massage

Nerves are a little nervous. It’s only a matter of days before the wedding, and preparations are still under way. Calm down

Go get a massage. You’re gonna get your thoughts in order, you’re gonna be alone

Golden handles of the wizard will help you to remove the body clamps and will stretch each muscle
so that the body came to tone and tension went away!

1 day before the wedding: face mask

There’s a wedding tomorrow. The final touch in front of her is a healthy
sleep and a refreshing face mask! Your skin will say “Thank you” for this,
and you will sparkle with freshness, radiance and healthy blush.

don’t forget to take into account that every beauty product has contraindications and side effects.

Use only the proven face mask.

Isabella Homich
, director of the Mon Real beauty studio

On the eve of the wedding, I advise you to make easy care procedures to give freshness and radiance to the skin. Peeling and cleaning is better even in a month to avoid deplorable consequences. In the same amount of time, I’ll give you beauty shots!

From 19 years of experience, the most important thing the bride can do for her beauty at the wedding is to go to bed early in the night before the holiday to sleep! Neither the top make-up artist, nor the most magical professional cosmetics will hide the tired look, bags and dark circles under the eyes. And one more tip: after 18:00 the day before the wedding it is not desirable to drink water / tea / coffee, so that the face is not swollen!

The text of the article: Elena Yushina

Photo: Tatiana Shakhunova-Anischenko

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