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Trust me, don’t check what you’re doing and who you’re trusting


In order to go mad with happiness on the day of the wedding, and not from unresolved issues and tasks, the bride needs her personal Chip and Dale, who will come to the rescue! And if the celebration is planned without a coordinator, these assistants should be mother, sister, girlfriends and groom. But who’s to trust with what? Anyway, what’s the deal on the day of the wedding? Sit down, let’s tell you so you don’t miss anything!

The first point of preparation for the wedding is the compilation of a list of cases on X-day. This item cannot be delegated to anyone! Make it up with your manicured pens, because you know best and most about your wedding.

How do I make this list? Make a table in a ward with only four columns:

Event – Time – Comment – Done. Next you need to divide the holiday into several logical segments

“Morning” – “On the site 1-1.5 before the ceremony, before the gathering of guests” – “15 minutes before the departure symbolic ceremony” – “Banquet” – “The end of the wedding”.

Fill in the table of tasks for each event, write down the approximate time, add comments on what you need to do to the person in charge, for example, where to get the phone number of the driver of the wedding car of newlyweds, what to ask the banquet manager at the restaurant, what to put in the purse of the bride, whether you need to monitor the cork collection and other important notes. Well, what to do in the “done” column, we think, do not tell! : )

Let’s move on to the main thing: what are we doing and who should we trust?

Trust your mother with what?


  • Help the bride pack up
  • Get all the extra stuff out of the room or the room for the first groom-fiancée meeting

On the site 1-1.5 before the ceremony, before the gathering of guests:

  • Check tablecloths, chair covers, napkins, serving, seating cards, table numbers, seating table
  • Check: petals or confetti for ceremony, box or envelope for cash gifts from guests
  • Prepare everything to meet the bride and groom (if there is a loaf, salt, towel or cotton and confetti)

Fifteen minutes before the symbolic roadshow:

  • See if all the guests are here
  • Check the readiness of all participants of the ceremony (registrar, DJ, catering)


  • Before the start of the banquet, check the hall to see if there are any wires sticking out from the equipment, if the bags are removed, if there are vases for flowers
  • Meet the cake delivery and make sure it’s in the fridge
  • Check once again for a cake knife and spatula and a cake trolley
  • Ensure that all gifts are stored in one place

The end of the wedding

  • Collect the rest of the alcohol and food
  • Collect gifts
Irina Amurova
, Master of ceremonies (Moscow)
I advise you not to use your mother to help during the traveling symbolic ceremony and during the banquet. She is one of the most important guests for the bride, and for her this event is so important – the wedding! She will want to feel the touch of the moment, not to control the work of contractors at the festival and count the number of dishes and bottles at dinner. Give her a chance to enjoy her beloved daughter’s wedding!

What do you want your sister to do?


  • Help the bride pack up
  • Reconciliation of arrival times of all contractors
  • Take everything you need for a walk (napkins, plastic dishes, garbage bags, etc.), check the availability of drinks and food for a walk and a civil register office

On the site 1-1.5 before the ceremony, before the gathering of guests:

  • Check the arrangement of benches and chairs, check the seating plan
  • Meeting of guests, communication of important organizational information
  • Contact with site manager and catering firm

Fifteen minutes before the symbolic roadshow:

  • Ask the guests not to put flowers in the water, so that they do not run off the water during the donation to the newlyweds
  • Check the readiness of the photographic zone and other elements of the decor of the ceremony
  • Rehearsal where parents will be standing (show them their seats)
  • Check that the guests are ready for seating, that each guest has confetti or petals


  • Check the arrangement of tables, check the seating plan
  • Contact with the site manager and waiters (reconfirm meal timings)
  • Check the readiness of the photo-zone (wish book, check if pens are being written)
  • Collect bouquets after greetings, place them in vases
  • Control the timing and scenario of the wedding party
  • Monitor the contractors’ meals

The end of the wedding:

  • Collect props, wishes album and other decor elements
  • Control the loading of all gifts into the newlyweds’ car
Irina Amurova
, Master of ceremonies (Moscow)
A sister, like her mother, deserves to be a full participant in the celebration, not always on the catch, somewhere behind the scenes of the wedding. But still, who, if not your sister, can you trust with the most important things? Often it’s the sisters who get the dirty work. It is possible and necessary to delegate their duties to them, but most importantly, to make and plan everything so that they did not miss important moments of the celebration, in touching moments were next to the bride.

Trust your fiancé with what?


  • Take money in envelopes for each contractor
  • Take money from the civil register office and for unforeseen expenses

On the site 1-1.5 before the ceremony, before the gathering of guests:

  • Check all technical equipment (sound check, projector, air conditioner, light, etc.)

Fifteen minutes before the symbolic roadshow:

  • Check for vows and rings


  • Check for all the alcohol that was brought in the day before

The end of the banquet:

  • Pay off all contractors
  • Control the arrival of cars that will take guests and newlyweds
  • Loading food and the rest of the alcohol in the car
Irina Amurova
, Master of ceremonies (Moscow)
Brides are usually more perfectionists than grooms. That’s why not many people trust their future husbands with any wedding troubles. And the grooms themselves often give up the hassle and put everything on the brides and girlfriends. It’s okay! It’s okay! It is important to consider his opinions and desires. But there are also grooms who can be trusted with the whole wedding from the beginning to the end! Anyway, there’s a basic list of things to do that he can safely do!

Trust your friends with what?


  • Check the arrival of a stylist, a bouquet of brides (and an alternate, if any), a photographer, a videographer, a honeymoon car or a guest car
  • Check the lists for everything you need for your wedding day (bride’s image, props, flash drive with music, etc.)
  • Confirm that the registry office took the rings and passports
  • Don’t forget to take the Bride Box

On the site 1-1.5 before the ceremony, before the gathering of guests:

  • Music test: entrance of the groom and bride, first dance, cake take-out
  • To control the readiness of the buffet
  • Meet the contractors, approve everything necessary for their work

Fifteen minutes before the symbolic roadshow:

  • Check the readiness of the champagne slide if it is planned
  • Remind the presenter to inform the guests about the rules of the ceremony (if there are any: do not get up, turn off the phones)


  • Arrange all the necessary requisites for the competitions, agree it with the presenter
  • Meet the artists, approve the time of their release
  • Help the guests take their seats
  • Keep in touch with waiters, monitor cork collection
  • When changing the timing, change the time of hot snacks and hot meals (agree with the master)
  • To control the removal of the cake
Irina Amurova
, Master of ceremonies (Moscow)
Whoever’s taking the whole wedding blow is the bridesmaids. They take care of the painstaking work, contacts with contractors, checking the readiness of the wedding stages and other nuances. Girls should understand that if it wasn’t for them, this work would be done either by the bride (which is quite bad!) or by her mother, which is also not the best solution. But that’s why they’re friends, too, to help!

We hope you’re out of breath now and it’s not so bad to organize your own wedding! This checklist will help you to distribute your responsibilities among your loved ones. And if you want to unload yourself even more and find helpers in the preparation of the holiday, use the services of Prosvadbu.ru!


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