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11 ways to reduce wedding costs


The beginning is set: the offer is made, the happy “I agree!” sounded and you and your fiancé start preparing for the wedding. However, between the phrases “to play a wedding” and “it is profitable to play a wedding” there is a huge abyss, which can be filled only by the money saved on the holiday. How to reduce the cost of the celebration? Catch 11 good ways.

1. Choose the right wedding date

As strange as it may seem, the choice of the wedding date is directly related to how round the whole holiday will be. We recommend that we follow several rules:

Don’t chase beautiful dates if you and your fiancé are not ready to stand in queues near the registry office 24 hours a day and “on duty”.

Wedding is not a season and on a weekday – it will cost cheaper. Take a good look at these options!

And don’t forget about superstitious May: many contractors give discounts this month.

2. Hire a good and experienced organizer

Expenses for the services of the organizers are an item of economy, not waste. Good organisers are able to protect against unnecessary costs due to their experience and competent planning. And, of course, thanks to the right connections and teamwork. Contractors give them great discounts in return for the organizer advising the newlyweds. The cost of the organizer’s services will be even lower than the sum of all discounts from him. Plus, you will save yourself from headaches and will not be boiled in budgets, checklists, contracts and other details of the wedding.

3. do not buy what you can rent!

No! Not cheaper and not more profitable! You’ve just scrolled the thought in your head: “It’s better to buy everything, I’ll have it. And then I will sell it! Let’s repeat: no! Then nobody will need it, and you will spend a lot of money on it. Candles and candlesticks, baskets, vases, cages, stands, textiles, beads and other decorative elements, if they are not author’s (created specifically for your wedding and nobody else at the party has not yet flashed), it is better to rent it.

11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу

11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
4. Refuse to travel on your wedding day

First of all, it’s exhausting. Honestly! Not one dozen of brides who have built a route-quest on the day of the wedding in photo studios, locations in nature, hotels and other photo places, and then at the first point were tired and dreamed of when all this is over. Secondly, the fewer locations you have, the less money you will spend on renting them. The less hours the transport company works, the less you will have to pay for it! And if you want to attract guests to the shooting, then such rides will cost you a penny, if, again, you hired a minibus and cars from a car rental company with drivers.

5. Don’t buy something you can do without!

Napkin rings, neon letters pointing to the kendy bar, a huge set of printing for each guest, seating cards, bonbonniers (well, you can do without them!), a bride’s robe for the morning (if you do not expect morning boudoir photo shoot), jewelry on the car, the tenth number of the show program, the second dress of the bride … You can enumerate endlessly, because each bride has its own lists of things to do without. Be guided by the rule: will it be remembered by the guests in a day? In a week? In a year? If not, then cross out and do not waste money by!

11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
6. Give up a large set of wedding trifles

The guests will remember the general picture of the wedding, not the pleasant little things, the third hotter, the eighth kind of dessert… It is worth to invest in this beautiful picture and save on trifles: on presentations for guests, additional printing, on a rental car… In general, a good decorator competently scatters your money on all items of the wedding budget, highlighting the main and secondary tasks. The main thing: tell the designer honestly how much money you are ready to allocate for decorating. For example, if the cost estimate contains 200,000 rubles for decoration, there is no sense in spending 20,000 of them on envelopes with postcards. A good organizer will not allow such a thing and will offer to spend this amount of money on the same decor of the hall or photo zone. This is what will be remembered.

7. Reduce the number of guests

Don’t be afraid to hurt anyone! You don’t have to call someone you don’t know very well.

Remember that every extra guest is this:

Another invitation
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Additional space in transport
Another place in the restaurant
Increasing the buffet menu
Extra seat at the ceremony
Additional guest present
Magnification of the banquet hall
Another seating card, a menu card, a thank-you card
Hotel room (for visitors)
Increase in the total number of guest tables, and thus the decor for them

11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу


8. Give up traditions you don’t like

If you don’t want and don’t need a ransom, a walk with your guests, beating glasses, loafing, sieving, sprinkling rice, lighting the family hearth, throwing a bouquet of understudy bouquets and other “important” rituals, cross them out of your ideal wedding day. All of this is worth a penny, and it does not bring pleasure!

9. Take a look at the seasonal flowers

Many newlyweds in the struggle for a reduction in the wedding budget suffer from “hand application”: they start to design themselves and even get used to the role of florists. Well, since you have decided to play a masterpiece over a flower, choose a seasonal floristics or in general look for an alternative to flowers. Seasonal – so not very expensive. And all the florists have cool livehouses about how to get a Ferrari at the price of “Zhiguli”. One of them is: what to do when
I have enough money for chamomile, but I want peonies. Boom on peonies dared to go all the way, leaving no chance
other flowers to be part of the bouquet. If you really want to see them in
of the composition, but there’s no means to do so
dear flower, you can do such a trick – connect 2-3
the Dutch carnations together. Visually not to distinguish from peony! And at the price of
it’s a lot more economical. Plus the palette of the carnation is very rich, and the flower itself
not capricious and enduring.

11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу

11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
11 способов сократить расходы на свадьбу
10. Wedding procession and its decoration

Remember: no one will ever remember what kind of bow or lips decorated your wedding car! Nobody. Never. Question: then why spend it all? If you really want to stand out, it is better to order one rarity car for you, which will be part of a cool photo shoot!

11. Don’t buy something that doesn’t matter to you

Five-tier cake,
a fire show, a wedding night at a hotel, a star performance at a wedding, manolo blanic shoes, a brooch for a wedding bouquet, underwear from Agent Provocator – yes, it’s all beautiful and great, and insta-beautiful bridesmaids keep posting photos with all this… But if it is not important for you to have all this at your own wedding, what difference does it make who will say what or think? It’s better to buy a cool tour to the Maldives on the saved money! : )

As you can see, there are many ways to save money. We bet you a hundred green ones that you can throw in a couple of other ways. : ) Listen to yourself, your future husband and don’t be afraid to do it the way you want!

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