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Dimitri and Alexandra. Spring boho

Dimitri and Alexandra. Spring boho


Дмитрий и Александра. Весенний бохоWedding 19 May 2018

About us

I love May. This month has always been and will always be a symbol of youth, love and beauty for me. It was in May that I met Dima. Social networking, meeting, café, walk… What impressed me about him was his incredible gallantry. He gave me his hand on the stairs, opened the doors, and kissed me the first night – such a rare courtesy couldn’t help but make an impression. After a few meetings, I was pretty sure I wanted to be with him. And four years later, we got married… Of course, in May..

“Wedding in May? You’ll be hanging around!” Too bad there are other people who think that. I, for one, only believe in good luck, and I advise everyone

The idea of a wedding

Over the years of work in the wedding sphere, I have seen enough of the pattern celebrations, devoid of individuality – we did not want to. Our day seemed funny, easy, but stylish and original. I didn’t want to make a fussy pathos and nobody wanted glamour, because our relatives and friends are ordinary people, and that’s why the atmosphere at the festival had to be simple and relaxed, so that absolutely every guest felt “at ease”. We also immediately decided that we would be wise to approach the wedding budget. A dress for 50 thousand or a pompous wedding procession are definitely not the articles for which we think it is worth spending with limited funds.
After a few months of discussion and ideological research, the concept was defined as a cozy chamber event outside the city. The Boho style, which I liked long before our wedding, fit perfectly into this format.


Boho style is, first of all, spaciousness and freedom, that’s why we started to look for a country ground with a cozy summer pavilion and open picturesque terrain, where we could carry out an exit registration. It wasn’t that easy. We’ve searched all the sites, visited a lot of camping sites, but we haven’t found the perfect place anywhere. After a long and painful search, we stopped at Dongor.

In short, the pros and cons, I’d say the following.
Plus: nature, beautiful view, cozy gazebo.
The disadvantages: the staff, and it is – unfriendly attitude, sometimes turning into frank rudeness.

The decor. All with their own hands

We made our own decorations, inspired by boho ideas on various portals, and above all on my favorite Pinterest.com. I wanted to create a special atmosphere in the best traditions of style, and at the same time to do something unique, your own, not just to copy someone’s ready-made solution.
On long, cold evenings, I included films and dream catchers that later decorated our gazebo and registration area.

We found the doors to the photographic zone on Avito. Bringing them in was not an easy task, thanks to friends who helped with the delivery. Next up is painting. Plus some vintage suitcases, a chair, a plate with hashtags of our wedding, a garland of flags, a few lilacs and a wonderful background for the photo is ready!

The pearl of our handmade activity can be rightly called a bar counter of pallets, which we took from the warehouse (from Maximir) for 250 rubles apiece)) However, I had to polish them well before using them in our installation.

We have also prepared a wooden easel for the seating plan, a pointer, signs with useful tips.

Polygraphy (invitations, seating, book of wishes, etc.) is also my work. Thank you for your knowledge of Photoshop!

The book was particularly spectacular, I covered it with velvet and decorated it with metal corners. The book was accompanied by a camera with an instant seal so that guests could glue their pictures into it.

We decided to use a nest as a ring stand. I collected moss for him in the woods a week before the wedding.

If you want to make your own decorations or wedding accessories for the sole purpose of saving money, you’d better leave the idea behind. It’s not gonna be cheap. Only in addition to the money you will spend a lot of time, and often nerves

To illuminate the gazebo in the evening, we used 200 meters of threaded garland and 8 meters of classic retro bulbs – all this I ordered from autumn at AliExpress.

We tried to find and buy things online as much as possible, as shopping was very time-consuming. So, for example, on the same AliExpress I ordered the keys, openers, which we gave to the guests as souvenirs.
The guest tables were decorated with lilac vases. The difficulty was that we couldn’t say for sure if there would be enough lilacs on the right day on any of the bases. As a result, the woman we agreed with let us down and told us the day before the wedding that she did not have flowers. I had to call every store in the city right away. The lilacs ended up being found, but the nerves were pretty bad.


The biggest problem was finding the presenter. Since the wedding was a non-standard one, the presenter was required with an informal approach, which could not only entertain the guests, but also to manage the holiday, to take on the role of coordinator of the celebration. And luckily, I found one! Denis Fedunov. We had different types of relatives, but everybody liked him! Denis turned out to be an adaptive presenter and a very smiley person, just as we needed him to be.


Max Shvyrev is the first specialist we’ve identified. For a long time I have been impressed by the way Maxim shoots and processes, his style reminds me of how foreign photographers shoot. In his works, the report and real emotions prevail over the staging shots, which I also like very much.
It is worth noting that it was important for me to find such specialists, of whom I would be sure. Yeah, I’m talking to him about the details, but I’m relying on them and don’t worry about having to control them. In the case of Maxim, I knew for a fact that the result was guaranteed.

What we regret now is that we didn’t have a video.

If you have a limited budget and have decided that you will only have a photographer at the wedding, then at least ask guests to shoot more amateur videos on your phone. No matter how wonderful the wedding photos are, they will not be able to fully reflect the emotions of the day.

One creative man

I would like to express my gratitude to our friend Daria Bocharova as an ideological inspirer and a very creative person. She helped us with the decor, and she also performed the ceremony.
Often, for six months, Dasha and I would gather for a cup of tea (and not only) to discuss the details of the wedding. She was an indispensable person in training. I hope that it will be further developed in this area.


I bought the dress from designer Pauline Solertis. Light, not puffy, with a gentle powder tint. It’s like it was made for me. It was a great luck, because in Voronezh it is very difficult to find an unusual wedding dress, but in such a way that it is perfectly seated.

My chic lilac bouquet, as well as floral hair ornament and boutonniere groom made a talented florist Nadia Zinovieva, and at a reasonable price.
Hair and makeup are the work of the Turnov’s Female. I know her very well, because we studied together, so I trusted her completely as a professional. As a result, I’ve stayed totally excited about the bohoe image she’s created.

Dima’s image was also quite in line with the style: beige trousers, white shirt and suspenders. We wanted to use a vest, but unfortunately we didn’t find the right one.


According to the idea, the guests had to sit at the festive table for a short time, and all the rest of the time – to move freely around the territory, so we decided to create a lot of playing areas and entertainment. Jenga was very popular, and we hired her at the “My All” workshop. It’s a simple but very gambling game, the essence of which is that players take turns pulling wooden blocks out of the tower until the construction collapses.

We’ve also had “tic-tac-toe”, ring-brows, darts. The biggest entertainment was probably the hookah, with which the guests inflated soap bubbles, turning them into funny smoke balloons.

Morning in Khutorka

We met the morning of the wedding day at the Khutorok recreation center. The registration was scheduled for 17.00, so we had plenty of time. We gathered slowly, had breakfast, lay by the pool and had a photo shoot.


Registration was held at the stones – an incredibly picturesque place, so it took a minimum of decor. The ceremony was led by our friend Daria Bocharova, whom I already mentioned. She wrote a beautiful speech full of warm words and good wishes. Dima and I decided to switch vows, so he read mine and I read it. This was the best option for us. Because I’m a very emotional person myself, and I probably wouldn’t have given my speech. And Dima really liked the idea of not reading her own vows. 

Of course, the ceremony was one of the most exciting moments, both for us and for the guests.


We owe it to the cooks from the KUHMISTER catering studio to culinary delights at our holiday. They made a lot of interesting snacks, kebabs, grilled vegetables. They set up a lemonade bar.
The food was placed on separate tables, guests came up and put what they wanted on their own (like a buffet). Since there weren’t many people, this format was perfect for us.

Next to the tables we put an ice-car, filling it with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Speaking of treats, I can’t help mentioning the delicious fruit and berry cake and sweet table prepared by Manana Bondarenko.

We used to warm ourselves up at the campfire tonight and sing songs. It’s a pity there wasn’t a single guitar player among the guests, but the DJ came to our aid, bringing a speaker to the fire.

Our day ended with bright sparks of Bengal lights.


Set the time for force majeure in timing. Even if everything goes in the same location.

For example, our guests were supposed to arrive at 4 p.m. and the ceremony started at 5 p.m. But they’re late, and things have moved on for an hour. In the end, I really wanted to stay a little longer tonight, to sit with everyone. But in time, the pre-ordered cars were already waiting.

Gifts for guests

We gave bonbonniers with candy and predictions, as well as keys, openers, which I hung on an improvised tree (I really liked this idea on the Internet). In memory of our wedding, the guests still have instant photos, and some even homemade dream catchers.

After the wedding..

Yeah, it’s hard enough for us to get married ourselves. We were a lot of nervous and nervous in the process of preparation. But now that time has passed, we can say with certainty that it was worth it!

If you doubt whether you should celebrate your wedding, we can tell you for sure – it is! Don’t spare the money you’ve spent! They will return to you with warm memories for years to come!

P.S. After the wedding we have a lot of things left, so we even created a group to rent a decor. If you like something in our design and you would like to use it at your wedding, we will be glad to help you, the prices are very democratic https://vk.com/weddecor36



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