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Michael and Sophia. Romantic rustic

Michael and Sophia. Romantic rustic


Михаил и Софья. Романтичный рустикWedding 14 April 2018

About us

Misha and I were introduced by a mutual friend. We’re going to the Beast concert with her, and he’s asking for us. Music, dance, intoxicating atmosphere, first kiss… From this day on, our relationship begins. Two and a half years later, Misha proposed to me. It was very unexpected and spectacular. We went to nature, where I was expecting a real performance with balloons, clappers and purple smoke. I was just shocked by the scale of the training! Of course I said yes. And a little less than a year later, we got married.

The idea of a wedding

We categorically did not want to get bored with wedding traditions such as bridge riding, punishing, civil registry office. We were impressed by the lamp style, simplicity and naturalness in the design, but most importantly – a cozy warm atmosphere in which each guest would be comfortable and fun.

Selection of specialists

As the atmosphere of the holiday depends largely on the decoration, the first person we met was our decorator Ksenia Maltseva. Later Ksyusha became not only the designer, but also the organizer and coordinator of our wedding. She picked up a great team of professionals who made our day truly magical! Find out more about some of them.
Dmitry Gievsky is a wonderful photographer, it was easy and fun to work with him. As a result, we got the sensual, atmospheric shots that we dreamed of.
The video was shot by Alexander Davydov. He works with Dimitri, which is probably why it was so easy and smooth. We hardly noticed it, as if it didn’t exist, but the video was very rich, all the main points were reflected in the best form.
The host, Daniel Talitsky, was the only one we chose. We’ve seen him at a lot of events. It’s “his” man, with a similar outlook and a sense of humor.

The music was the responsibility of the Apartment Band Good Music. We have heard them before, so we did not doubt that they will create the right atmosphere, filled with the best works of Russian rock and other hit songs. The guests appreciated our choice. Everybody sing!

Hire a wedding planner. He will arrange everything in shelves and offer the best solutions, and you can relax and enjoy the holiday.

Wedding decor

Ksusha and I were on the same wave at once, and the first time we met we thought about and agreed on all the basic elements of design. We agreed that the desired style does not require heavy fabrics or massive floral compositions. It was decided to replace the tablecloths on the tables with transparent fabric, the classic vases with bottles, glass vases and cans, and the classic back with a wooden screen with a garland of retro lamps.

But, perhaps, the main feature of the decor was our unusual triangular arch for registration. Xyusha decorated it with hexagons, small flower compositions and candles. It’s a very airy installation, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Floristics was made in the field style. Dusty purple prevailed in the color scheme.


After the meeting with Xiusha and working out the style of the wedding, we decided that the dress should be made of lightweight fabric with a powder hue. As the choice of such dresses in Voronezh is small, we had to sew it to order. I went to the Melina salon on Stepan Razin. I would like to pay tribute to the employees of the salon, they understood me from half a word, the dress turned out to be perfect – airy, elegant, with hand embroidered elements, while the village is exactly on the figure. Everything took 1.5 months and 3 fitting sessions.

It was harder to pick up Mischa’s costume. The problem was his very high height. But after two months of searching, we found what we were looking for.

We bought rings in Adamas. We were lucky we got to Black Friday, so the desired white gold rings went to us with a 50% discount!

Dress code for friends

My friends and I bought a fabric similar in shade to our tablecloths, and the girl’s style was chosen by ourselves. They were sewing dresses at a dressmaker’s friend’s house.

If you have the opportunity, order girlfriends’ dresses in the same color – it looks very beautiful in the photos

And friends were ordered butterflies matching the groom’s costume.

Wedding day morning

The photographer offered to shoot our morning in the ROOF photo studio. It was exactly the same as the concept of the wedding, there was a lot of wood and retro lamps, and a cozy warm light… I wanted everything to be natural at home – carelessly embroidered clothes, no make-up with hair, in general, it was as if we really had just woken up. At first we were worried that we would be embarrassed by the cameras, but surprisingly, there was no tension, the shooting was easy and fun. And when Dima showed us a couple of shots, which were made in the exact style we imagined, we realized that everything would continue to be super!

After the morning training camp, Misha and I split up until the wedding ceremony. We thought we’d see each other for the first time at our arch.
Before going to Taiga, the boys looked into a bar near our photo studio and had a drink to take Misha to family life.

In the meantime, I’ve had my makeup done with my hair done. When my friends arrived, I was amazed at how beautiful they looked in dresses with hairstyles, just chic!

Having photographed a little in the photo studio, we also went to Taiga and here we have to give credit to the girls, they made a selection of songs, and we listened to “girly” hits all the way. It was a nice surprise for me.


My dad took me to the place of the ceremony to the song Aerosmith, his favorite..

– Have you thought this through?
– Oh, yes, of course!
Mischa was waiting for me at the arch. We couldn’t hold back our tears when we saw each other. What are we, most of the guests’ eyes were in a wet place!

And then I got emotional, and the next thing you know, it was all a blur. It was a state of pleasant shock that I couldn’t finally recover from until the next day..


After a small buffet everyone went to the banquet hall, where we soon entered, under the loud applause of our dear guests.

The first thing that came to your attention was a wonderful decor. Of course, Xiusha and I discussed some of the elements, but the overall picture was a surprise to me.

After the traditional congratulatory part of the host arranged a funny interactive with the guests, for this Daniel asked us to write characteristics for each of those present. He called the guests and told them interesting facts from their lives – everything is interesting and humorous. It helped the guests to get to know each other faster and relax. Meanwhile, Misha and I went to the evening photo shoot “for two”, taking the checkers with purple smoke (the one that Misha chose to offer his hand and heart).

Then, together with the guests, we let my maiden name go into the sky.

We ordered the last name from LaserShop and then painted it in the color we wanted. We also ordered from them a kind of slogan for our wedding, namely “No passaran” and “Hemos pasado”, which means “They won’t pass”, and “We passed! – we used them during the photo shoot, as well as as our wedding hashtags.
For the first dance we chose the song we kissed for the first time (Beasts “Tell us”). Actually, there was a lot of dancing that night.

The caverns were on top, they created an amazing atmosphere, leaving no guest indifferent. What can I say, just stars!

We had a sand show. The artist depicted our love story with sand and light: from that very concert to the day of the wedding. And then we were allowed to try ourselves as “sand artists”. Especially the kids liked this fun.

Speaking of children, the presenter’s got a couple of fun children’s contests for them. As a result, the kids had fun and the adults were amused. And the banquet manager set up a special children’s table for them. So the little guests felt quite comfortable at this “adult” holiday.

Make sure the kids don’t get bored at your wedding. Warn the presenter in advance – let him prepare contests and entertainment for the kids. Discuss with the administrator the children’s menu and the possibility of setting up a special children’s zone

Elena Voronina baked us a cake. It’s delicious, soaked, with fresh berries. The decoration was in line with the style of the wedding. Everybody loves it!

To finish my story, I’d like to thank Taiga’s staff. The food was delicious. The service is on top. We hardly noticed the waiters, it seemed that everything is taken out, poured, cleaned, wiped. Special thanks to Administrator Dmitry. He took into account all our wishes, helped to find a menu for the budget, provided a table for flowers and gifts, made a discount on the number for newlyweds, helped with the children’s table. All the rest of the products were folded and wrapped up with them. He even took care of a special couch for our grandmother with sick legs.



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