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How to arrange a wedding if you’re a working bride?


With the help of a wedding agency or at least the manager of the preparation for the celebration is
softer and easier, because the very pill from the headache of the bride is the
organizer! But what if you decided to go through the thorns of the stars
and prepare your own wedding, but you work from 9 to 18?

Then hold on tighter: there will be a
lot of turbulence, pitfalls and impassable jungle
on the way to a perfect wedding

Prosvadbu.ru will tell you how to get away with it!

Since you’ve decided to take the wedding with your bare hands and do it between 9:00 and 18:00, you need to know a few basic rules! Stick to them, believe them as the Bible and follow them as postulates. And you will be calm and competent preparation without dances on wedding rakes!

1. Start with the idea

If there is an idea, all the other details will grow around the idea by themselves, gradually forming the whole picture of the celebration. If there is no clear picture of your own wedding and the only thing known from the whole holiday is who your fiancé is:), you need to look for inspiration

Where to look for inspiration?

Pinterest is an online service for selecting pictures by theme. Drive “wedding” and be inspired


Prosvadbu.ru is us
, a federal portal
, where there is a useful online magazine. You will find there stories about weddings of
real brides, cool articles about wedding-trends,
guides for brides and cool collections on wedding theme.

Instagram is a treasure trove of beautiful wedding-themed photos, livehacks, beauty trends, inspiring examples and stories of brides. Look for accounts to your liking, sign up, watch the ribbon and get inspired!


Thinking in detail without seeing the whole picture is wrong! How to do it right: first you need to create a complete wedding concept
, and then select the details according to it.

Olesya Timokhovich
, Head of the Wedding Planning Agency “Lubov-Morkov” (Moscow)

It’s important to make a mudbird, your wish and inspiration board. It’ll make it easier for you to get into the top ten when developing your wedding concept

It is very important to be honest with yourself and try not to copy ideas from other people’s weddings! Otherwise, the holiday will turn into a mix cocktail of someone’s ideas and chips and will become a pathetic copy, not a piece of masterpiece. It’s a plagiarism ride, a wedding without a soul.

It’s important to think about what sets your couple apart and make the wedding happen to themselves.

You’ll see: once the idea is selected and approved, it’s going to go as smoothly as it should be – the choice of colors, decor, the style of outfits, the ideas for the show program, which will be subordinate to the overall concept.

2. Don’t put the whole organization on your own

You’re not a hero, you’re a bride! And you have to come to the finish line – the wedding – not a tormented panda with dark circles of sleeplessness under her eyes, but a shining princess. As much as you want to be a hero, this is not the case!

What’s to be done? Delegate duties! Who can I delegate them to? Mom and sister, friends and fiancé! Believe me, nothing critical will happen if your future choice decides without you all the questions on the technical equipment of the restaurant and the site for the away ceremony, solves issues with alcohol and food for the restaurant. You can trust your friends, if not all of them, then almost everything: the control of contractors, communication with them, collecting all the props for the wedding, buffet, the arrival of show programs at the banquet and more.

You will find a full guide to the proper distribution of cases between loved ones in this article. Bonus: advice from a specialist on why you can’t burden your mother on the day of the wedding and who you can trust almost most importantly – passport, rings and money!

Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работаешь с 9:00 до 18:00
Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работаешь с 9:00 до 18:00
Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работаешь с 9:00 до 18:00

3. Be fully equipped to meet the contractors

To avoid wasting precious time on trial and error, do well at once! Choose several contractors for each position: for example, 3-5 favorite photographers, the same number of videographers, presenters and so on. Selected candidates for the Virtual Crash Test: Read the brides’ reviews, the portfolio of specialists, their prices and services offered.

Important: Choose contractors only on proven websites, such as Prosvadbu.ru, so that there are up-to-date reviews, prices, contacts, service and bonus descriptions. Look for specialists who can help you in a related area: for example, the presenter will offer a florist with a discount, the restaurant will provide a gift night for newlyweds at the hotel, and so on.

Prepare checklists for each specialist with questions. Yes, there are a number of other requirements and questions for the contractor in addition to the basic evaluation criterion of the specialist “like/dislike”.

How to choose a video studio?
What do I ask the wedding manager?
What questions should I ask the photographer at the first meeting?


4. Don’t waste your time with the registry office

Many pre-wedding steps, from applying to the registry office to creating invitations, can be automated and simplified, saving time! It is inexcusable to go and sleep under the door of the registry office, waiting in turn, if it is possible to apply for marriage registration via the Internet without leaving home.

You can apply to the civil register office not only in person, but also through the website of the State Service! Full instructions on how to apply to the civil register office 15 minutes in advance, without queues and lists, you will learn from this article

There’s a step-by-step and clear instruction with pictures!

A little FAQ before you go to government services

When does the date open? The time for booking on the State Services portal usually appears six months in advance at 00:00 o’clock, but there are errors. If you want to sign in the wedding season or a popular beautiful date, we advise you to start monitoring the site for the appearance of the desired date in advance of a few days.

Do you both need to register on the portal? No, it’s enough to register for one person, either the bride or the groom.

“This service is not available for the current account: what do I do? When you register for the first time on the portal, be sure to personally confirm your account to get full access to the services. This can be done by ordering a letter with a personal code through the Russian Post or by coming with a passport to any MFC. Otherwise, when you apply to the civil register office, you will receive an error message after filling in all the fields. Do you need it?

What documents do I need to apply for? For booking the date: data from the second and third pages of the passport of the bride and groom, registration data, certificate of divorce, if any of the future spouses have already been married.

Will you have to go to the registry office in person? Yes, at the appointed time, usually two months before the date, you will in any case have to take the original documents and the fee receipt to the selected Registry Office. The two of us. If you don’t show up on the appointed day, your reservation will be cancelled.

How do I cancel my reservation? You can apply for only one civil register office and choose only one date. It is not possible to cancel a booking online, only a personal application to the civil register office.

I don’t see the right date: What do I do? If you do not have the number you need for booking on the Public Service website, it means only one thing: the date limit for submitting an application to the civil register office has been exhausted. There’s only two months to go before the wedding.

5. Get online helpers

About interactive invitations

A convenient story, when physically there is no time to personally deliver invitations to the wedding or guests live in different cities. The wedinvent.ru website, for example, has several templates with the ability to upload video and photos from Instagram. In addition to your text, the invitation includes a wedding day schedule, address of the registry office and restaurant with a tied Google card. You can send a link to the invitation by mail, social networks, message to What`s app.

Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работаешь с 9:00 до 18:00
Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работаешь с 9:00 до 18:00

About.. wish-lists

In the West, it is common practice for newlyweds to make a detailed list of wedding gifts with approximate prices and for guests to choose from these. On special sites with wishlists, about which we have already written earlier, you can choose options from the catalog or come up with their own with links to the shops where they are sold. When a gift is booked, information about it is immediately displayed on the website. As a result, on the day of celebration you get really necessary gifts, no matter how cynical it may sound.

Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работающая невеста?
Как организовать свадьбу, если ты работающая невеста?


About a personal wedding site

Popular services that combine the functions of the site with invitations, blog, wish-list, scheduler and photo album. Usually there are several templates that you fill out with the information you need. On wedding portals there are free versions or you can order the creation of a special website in the general style of your holiday. The cost of such a service ranges from 4500 to 30 000 rubles.


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