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Keeping up with the times: how to make a real wedding timing


Forget the words “long”, “less”, “a little more/less time”… In Prosvadbu.ru everything is always clear and factual: naked numbers, dry calculations and a lot of useful content! How many minutes to put into the bride’s training camp, how long will the bride and groom get bored with shooting in the photo studio, how many minutes are the guests ready to wait for the newlyweds – learn how to make a real time of the day!


This may seem illogical, but the timing should be done in reverse order, from the ceremony (or civil registry office). For example, if the check-in starts at 15:00, then the gathering of guests should be scheduled for 14:30, the photo shoot – at 13:00, which means that by 12:30 the bride’s training camp should be over. This way you can calculate what time you need to wake up to avoid unnecessary haste and hassle, and not to be late for your own ceremony. That’s one of the most unobvious tips for preparing a wedding. Another 12 equally unexpected and useful – read one of our articles on the portal.

in order, the timing of the morning

At least 3 hours are required for the training camp (you have to get up at least 30 minutes before the arrival of the stylist) + an additional 40 minutes for the meeting with the groom, getting into the car, photos with family and girlfriends.

The car must be served 10 minutes before you leave so you don’t have to wait. Arrange in advance with the transport company (or guests who will drive guests and newlyweds in their cars) about the exact time of arrival.

At any arrangement leave force-majeure 10-15 minutes in reserve: in case of rupture of tights and it is necessary to search for new urgently-blindly if parents will be too moved at a sight of the bride and they should be calmed down long enough if you suddenly want to make a little more photo with family, having grasped in a frame of a favourite pussel! : )

Harmless tips

Be sure to agree the route of the day with the transport company in advance.

Putting in a +/- 15 minutes to get into the car.
Make sure that all stops have the opportunity to get out of the car. For example, not all limousines can drive into the yard
In addition to the daytime timing, make a separate timing for contractors: where and by how much each team member should start their work.


Timing photos
and walks

If you decide to book a studio for a photo shoot with your fiancé, don’t put a lot of time on it – you and your fiancé will quickly get tired and bored. Better think about 2-3 different options, but keep in mind that the seats were not far from each other. Long moves are extra nerves!

The photo shoot after the exit ceremony must be no more than 1 hour, otherwise the guests will be bored. Or take it to the on-site symbolic check-in.

Spend some time at sunset: believe me, it’ll be the best shots in your album. You’re gonna need to distract yourself from your guests for just 20 minutes. At this time, you can schedule a dance break.

Harmless tips

Talk to your photographer about which photo studio or other location is best for your couple. Book the studio in advance so you don’t have to look for a replacement at the last minute

Try not to invite guests to the photo shoot: they will be bored, and you will be in a hurry during the shooting
Give up a lot of locations and moves on your wedding day. This way you will save time and budget for transport
Run a rehearsal of the city’s movements in advance to see how much real time you will need on your wedding day to get from point A to point B.

and (or) murals in the registry office

A week before your wedding, rehearse with your fiancé the way from home to the registry office so you can make the best time.

If you have a civil register office scheduled for your wedding day, start counting the hour of ascent from the time of painting. So you can understand what time you need to get up to have breakfast, take your time to pack up and do things!

Come to the registry office at least 15-20 minutes before the ceremony. Before that, you’ll need to officially sign.

Small Lifehawk: Tell guests not the time of the ceremony, but the time by which they should be at it. That way, you’ll reduce the number of people who are late. Guests are usually collected 30 minutes before a banquet or ceremony (in the countryside per hour).

THE CEREMONY IS IN PROGRESS FOR 30 MINUTES! Frequent mistake of the bride
– to lay a lot of time for the ceremony, which makes it
too long and forms an empty interval between its end
and the beginning of the banquet. In fact, the classic exit ceremony will last
15-20 minutes.

But! Put about 30 minutes and 10 minutes on it to prepare

It’s time
to go in:

the bride’s exit to her fiancé waiting for her at the altar, the registrar’s speech
, the vows and the exchange of rings. Separate consideration should be given to the seating time of the guests
, the appearance of the bridegroom’s friends and bridesmaids, if it is provided for in the script.

Add another five minutes if the rings are to be carried by the child.

Leave it to the
for about 20 minutes after registration to
congratulate them, present them with gifts and a general photo shoot. In addition to parents and
close relatives,
other guests will want to
say a few words to you personally and take a picture of their swami
, which will take time.
And it can take about 10 minutes to get a few general shots of all the guests if the wedding is big


The more movements on the day of the wedding, the more difficult it is to make a clear timing because of possible traffic jams on the road. Traffic jams are unpredictable: you may be 40 minutes late to the beginning of the tour, or you may be too early to arrive and not know what to do with your guests all the time.

Harmless tips

Don’t plan too many events in one day: registry office, photographing, wedding, moving will tire you and your guests
Don’t write all the “minutes per minute”: leave a chance for contractors and force majeure to be late in the timings.
If you plan to meet your fiancé not in the morning, but at the ceremony, keep in mind that then the photo shoot will be after the ceremony, the timing will change and you will need to keep the guests busy for the time of your shooting
Give the transport company a full time of day: with exact location addresses, time of arrival and comments on the availability of parking near the right place, the difficulties of movement (streets with one-way traffic, for example) and approach to the place

Timing evenings

Keep in mind: the average banquet lasts 6 hours.

Take 20-30 minutes for breaks during banquets. By the end of the evening you can give your guests 40 minutes to talk, as everyone is already familiar. For your comfort and the comfort of your guests, it is advisable to take breaks during the banquet every 45 minutes to allow guests to leave the tables.

The first 40 minutes of the banquet guests eat, get to know each other. Sitting” activities are suitable as entertainment: watching love-story, listening to the presenter and parents’ toasts. By the way, since we’re talking about a banquet, we can make your life a little easier and advise you to use our services from Prosvadbu.ru, such as calculation of alcohol for weddings and cost calculator! Very much saves time and money. Check it out for yourself!

Let’s continue with the timing! The first break during the banquet should not be long. 20-30 minutes will be enough not to slow down the pace of the celebration. But don’t plan the first pause of the dance: the guests aren’t familiar enough yet. During the second pause, show the guests the love-story, take some time toast, show program.

If the timing is shifted, the kitchen must be warned in advance of the change in the hot time (no later than 40 minutes).

Start active entertainment in 2 hours from the beginning of the banquet. The first dance can either open dance breaks or complete the official part of the banquet. Don’t pawn more than 10 minutes to throw garters and bouquets – guests will get bored.

Traditionally, the evening ends with the throwing of a bouquet, the taking out of the cake, the ritual of lighting the family hearth or the final number (fireworks, fire shows, balloon launches). The official part of the banquet ends there, but you can continue dancing and having fun in a narrower circle of guests. And there’s no need for timing here anymore! : )

Olesya Timokhovich
, Head of the Wedding Planning Agency “Lubov-Morkov” (Moscow)

The key word for “your wedding” is “yours.” The bride and groom, first of all, should be comfortable on the day of celebration, they should sleep, calmly gather and enjoy every minute of this wonderful day

That’s why you need to make timing consciously, not to show your skills of planning and following the schedule, but for the sake of comfort! I advise you not to fill in the action every minute of the wedding and in each period of the day (morning, day, evening) to leave free small pieces of time. Force majeure occurs at almost all weddings, especially those organized by the bride

Be sure to think of alternatives for the wedding: what will you do if it rains and your ceremony takes place in the open air, how to entertain guests if the presenter is late, what can be removed from the program of the evening, if the sentimental parents suddenly dragged out with a toast and hugs of the daughter and son?


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